Why Am I not Getting any Response on Kasual, Tinder, or other Dating Apps? (For Men)

Joined several dating apps, but no action? Why are your matches not responding to your openings? Well, are you doing everything right? There is nothing by the books on these dating apps, but there are still some tips and hacks that can get you replies on dating apps like Tinder and Kasual. 

How to Get Noticed on Dating Apps?

Dating apps used to be an anomaly, but nowadays, everyone finds their true love on Tinder and Kasual. However, there are still many users out there who are on these apps for either fun or casual hookups. 

For them, the site is nothing but a playground that yields no serious relationships. If you get matched with one of these people, you will never get a response. 

But if you are getting no or limited responses on your profile, you should double-check a few things to ensure your profile is attractive enough for your match. 

1. Your Lengthy Openers Bored Them

Keeping your match engaged should be on the agenda. But you defeat the purpose by sending a long message. Sending your life history as an opener is possible; the worst move one can make. 

Girls like humor, not tall tales. So, if you want your match to reply, avoid sending them long messages about your day or what you did on your last trip. And for the last time, stop talking about your favorite hobby; no girl is interested in how you started drifting cars, hiking long trails, or if your pet dog is the cutest in the world. 

These messages are enough to get you a block for life. Instead, keep your messages short but intriguing better, even if you use their bio or display pictures to engage them in a conversation. For example, “That beach picture looks great; you know how to catch the perfect angle.” 

2. It’s All About Your Bio

The first mistake most guys make is leaving their bio space empty. The 500-character area is there for a reason; use that space to land a match and a conversation. If you can’t be witty, be honest instead of boring. To leave the bio space empty screams that you couldn’t care less. Why would someone want to talk to a stranger who didn’t bother with a decent bio? 

Apart from leaving the bio empty, the second mistake is to have a boring or fake bio. Girls are smart; they have been on Tinder swiping left and right for ages, and it’s safe to say they have seen it all. So, make sure your bio is something unique and special.

For example, if you are a Harry Potter fan, mention how crazy it was for Pottermore to sort you into the wrong house. The fans will come flooding; this is how easy it is to get like-minded people to start an active conversation. 

3. Get off the Cliché Bus

What’s worse than sending a boring message? Sending a Cliché one. As I have mentioned before, the girls have seen it all. So, your Cliché message isn’t unique. So why not put some effort into it, and impress the girl with an original one that depicts your personality? Now that’s truly refreshing. 

4. Save the Emojis for Your WhatsApp Buddies

Emojis are the bane of my life. And like me, many smart people out there abhor messages loaded with emojis. Just imagine logging into a dating site to find a couple of cold messages with a bucket load of emojis. That’s not cute, it’s childish, and it doesn’t impress girls at all.

So, the next time you send an opener message to your match, make sure you use words rather than emojis. It’s easier to read and understand words than decipher emojis to know what the next person is saying. 

5. Offensive Openers

Sending an inappropriate or offensive message the minute you get a match will never get you a reply. Try as you might, no girl finds an offensive message attractive, even if you thought it was praise. 

If you are a goof and want the girl to like you for your jokes, make sure you have read her bio twice just to make sure your tone and vocab will sit right with her. There is a fine line between making a joke and being offensive; make sure you don’t cross that. Soon, when they get to know you, you will be able to joke more freely, but until then, keep it capped. 

6. They Want you To Make A Move

It’s hard for most people to believe, but dating apps also attract shy and introverts. So, your match may be waiting for you to make the first move. Most girls wait for the boys to make the first move too. There are many reasons for that, they want to see how you open up, they want to be impressed, or they are just shy to send the first message. 

In any case, the responsibility for the first message may lie on your shoulders now. This is the moment of truth, however, make sure you send an impressive and witty message to intrigue them. 

7. The Profile is Fake

Ah, the oddballs. There are so many people on Tinder or other dating apps just for the sake of it. They wanted to see the hype, so they joined the app but didn’t engage after the first round of matches. 

Or the profile is a fake made just for the fun of swiping right or left. The bio will be able to help here. A generic or hyped bio with an elaborated image is enough to tell you the profile is fake. 

And some just like to know how many matches they can get. These people want to know they are attractive and can get many matches. They have no intention of talking to any of their matches no matter how impressive the profile is, so this one is on them not you. 

8. They Have Their Reasons for Swiping Right

Too many times, people open dating apps when they are drunk or high. Their reason for swiping right may not be intentional. Many times, friends prank other friends by swiping right on incompatible profiles to irk them. 

Again, this is on them and not you. If you think the match was unlikely, this may be the reason. So, move on and think no more about the reply you never got from an unlikely match. 

A lot of people swipe right impulsively, but when they see the message from their match and check the profile, they might not feel the connection. It’s not a bad thing; they just didn’t feel connected enough to reply to your message. That doesn’t mean your profile wasn’t impressive enough, and it just wasn’t working for them. 

9. They are Just Looking For Instagram Followers

Having a huge following list is the dream of many Instagrammers, and this dream has led people to do funny things. Matching profiles on dating apps is one of them. So many fresh bloggers or beauty queens out there are on tinder matching with every other profile just to increase their following on Instagram. 

A telltale sign of this is the Insta link in their bio or a message that they only reply to Insta chats. This is a huge sign that you are nothing more than a number to them. 

10. Your Opening Message Lacked A Question

A long boring message describing yourself or your dream girls holds no interest. So, make sure your first-ever message isn’t a description but a question the girl will be compelled to answer. 

A question makes sure the conversation is moving; you ask, they answer, and they ask you to answer. Isn’t this how it’s supposed to work? So, the next time you send a message to one of your matches, make sure you give them something to reply to. 

11. You Are on The Wrong App

Here’s one thing no one considers, maybe the dating app you are on isn’t meant for you. Not all dating apps are the same; they have all different services to offer. They all have a different male-female ratio as well. Some are more for casual encounters, whereas others focus on serious relationships. 

So, the next time you download one, make sure you do it after thorough research or suffer the consequences. And the easiest way to do that is to check for reviews and other people’s experiences. 

12. Not Giving your Personality Enough Credit

Here’s the thing, you may not think it would work, but showing your true personality is way better than hiding behind a cool fake one. There are a lot of girls out there who might find it a refreshing change. 

Be natural and never shy away from who you are; honesty will be appreciated. Maybe not instantly, but soon you will find a match who would be genuinely interested in your personality, the qualities, and interests stated in your bio. 

Women like direct men more than people who love dragging others through mazes. No one likes to peel layer after layer to get to the real you; it’s exhausting. So, don’t be a mystery, be real. 

13. Your Opener Was Too Strong

The last reason for getting no responses is how you send the first message to your match. A too strong first message may not sit with many people, especially those who come on the app for casual encounters. 

So, what is a string message? And how can you tone it down? Tinder or other dating apps are for casual encounters, meeting new people, and light communications. This means most people aren’t looking for serious relationships but rather casual hookups. 

If you have sent a serious relationship message to someone who liked you for a casual encounter, the latter will not respond. You may not be wrong for wanting something serious, but they are equally right in looking for something casual. 

Keep your intentions and string messages for later; start with a light conservatory message. This way, there is a huge probability that you will get a reply. 

14. The User is a Bot

For someone new to these dating apps, this news may come as a shock, but Tinder and other dating apps do have bots as users. This is common knowledge that apps like these use bots to boost their rating. 

The bots or fake profiles are created to hook you to the app by giving you good and plenty of matches, this way, you will have an ego boost and keep coming back to the app to get more matches. 

If you have encountered a bot on Tinder or Kasual, chances are you will never get a reply from them. The only way to know whether you have encountered a bot or not is to carefully dissect their profile; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

15. The User Deleted the App

Many times, people get disappointed when their matches don’t reply. But have you considered that maybe the user deleted their app? Maybe the purpose was served or they don’t care about the app anymore. 

Don’t jump to conclusions and start doubting yourself or your profile because a couple of matches didn’t reply. There can be lots of reasons why your match didn’t reply to your message. 

Bottom Line

Dating apps aren’t for everyone; not everyone has a hots jackpot on Tinder or Kasual. While there are actions that you can control, like making a move and adding an impressive bio, other things like compatibility and appearance are factors that are beyond your control. 

Dating apps are dominated by the female demographic, who love to play hard to get. So, keep that in mind as well. Moreover, they want to see the hottest, most impressive profiles only; maybe that’s what you are lacking. 

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