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Best Tinder Openers for Girls to Catch His Eye

Texting a guy on Tinder seems the easiest thing. But most women keep waiting for their match to reply, wondering what went wrong. Well, honey, your opener didn’t work for them. 

Many are so new to dating apps that they are unaware of good opener strategies, which keeps them hanging for months for one decent reply. So, here we are to end this “To Text or Not To Text Debate” with the best openers that he won’t be able to resist. 

What is a Tinder Opener?

The “Hey, Hi or Hello” you keep sending to your matches; is an opener. Hey! can never be a good opener, and certainly not the one that works. No man wants to get a hey from you because that just makes you just the same as the other 100 women he swiped right. 

What makes you different and unique should be your opener. A line that catches his eye makes him want to reply and see what you are all about. You won’t be able to get far with “HEY,” so don’t bother. 

If you think openers are lame and you shouldn’t bother with them. Well, you can’t be any more mistaken. A good opener means your match will reply, a reply means the initiation of conversation, and with a good conversation, you can lock a date. Isn’t that the whole purpose of Tinder? 

Openers are essential; they land you dates; it’s as simple as that. Tinder or other famous dating apps are full of three types of guys, and understanding these three categories will help you get replies as well as a date. 

The three types of men

  • One who isn’t Bothered but will still Swipe right 
  • One who is mildly intrigued by your Bio
  • One who has a crush on you 

The Latter two will most definitely reply to your opener, but the first one is a lost bet. Why did he swipe right when he wasn’t interested? Well, that’s how the man-brain works; they match with all girls and choose which they like later. So, you can try all you might, but this one isn’t going to reply. If you are his type, he might text you himself. But don’t hold your breath for him. 

Here are some of the best pickup lines that are bound to catch your man’s eye and guarantee a reply. These lines work because most men aren’t used to women using pickup lines on them. 

1. The Bot Check

This is a funny opener, and 90% of the guys on dating apps have decent humor, so chances are high that your bot check will get you a reply. 

How do you go about bot-checking? Just make them prove they aren’t a bot; this approach is both funny and curious. 

You can even take it a notch up and ask them a personal question like their number or family name, and just say a bot wouldn’t know these details. Or, simply ask them to spell POTATO!

You can be as random and funny as you want in the name of bot-checking. This one is unique and refreshing, and most guys will fall for it. 

2. Lame Dad Joke

You know, guys love cracking dad jokes. Well, how about you use them as your opener? Now, since many women never use dad jokes, your opener will not only be fun but will also get you an instant reply. 

Why? Because the guy will readily tell you whether your joke was a hit or miss. You might even get a dad joke back as a reply; this proves that things are going well in the inbox. Keep up the good humor, and you will land yourself a cool date. 

3. Bio Related Question

Here’s one thing both men and women love, they like it when you pay attention. And what’s there to pay attention to in dating apps other than interests and Bio? These two will help you bag a reply in no time if only you are smart enough to use them in your opener. 

Take the Bio, for instance; if it says they love horses, how about you ask them whether they saddle up or go bareback? If they love a fandom, phrase your question around it. 

You can also use their recent picture as bait, but avoid compliments. Use the background to reel your match in. Suppose they went fishing; you can ask them how big their biggest catch was. 

Men are wary of compliments because, believe it or not; they too get a lot of them. Most physically attractive guys get spammed with compliments all they long, so nothing you would say is unheard of. 

So, instead of saying you look hot or cute in the picture, you can start by saying that’s a cool or awesome snap there. 

4. Truth Or Dare

Truth and dare, on a dating app, with a total stranger, sure, why not? This is an instant hit; hardly anyone would say no to an enticing game of truth or dare. 

Truth or dare is a sure way of eliciting your match’s curiosity. They would like to see what you have up your sleeve. Or you can give them options between Truth or Dare Twenty Questions, or Never Have I Ever; all these are cool games you can play with your match and get an instant connection. 

It’s refreshing as well because these games indicate that you have made an effort to engage them and men like women who make efforts. 

5. Why Use Words when you Can Use GIF

Here’s how to impress a guy without saying a word, GIFs. All guys love a good laugh; better yet, find a connection in the Bio or the interest section and use that to send a related GIF. There is no way any guy will ignore you if you make this gem of a move. 

A funny or fandom-related GIF is a great way to show your extraordinary personality. Apart from getting laughs, GIFs work because guys rarely get them. They are the ones sending memes and GIFs to get a girl’s attention; it’s never the other way around. So, surprise your guy and send your match a cool GIF to get his attention, pronto.  

6. Start with the Name

Do you want to get up close and personal? Use the name. Yes. It’s awkward to call a guy you don’t know by his name, but trust me when I say this, they will appreciate the intimacy that comes with the name.

Also, calling a guy by his name as an opener oozes confidence, and we all know boys love confident girls. By using the name, you will outshine the 300 other girls in his inbox. Don’t you want that limelight? The competition is pretty intense out there; you need to stand out from the crowd. Let the Hey and Hello, rest and use his name for once and see the instant effect. 

7. Make him Curious

Do you know the oldest line in the book that guys use to pick up girls or strike up a conversation? Do I know you from somewhere? Well, who says girls can’t use the same to get the guy curious? 

Start your conversation with this question or a variation, ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere? This one is a sure way of spiking up his curiosity and getting a reply. 

8. Quit with the ‘Hey’

The ‘hey’ is for goats; you are a human. So act like one! Did you know all on average, an attractive male gets close to 20 hey, hello, and similar messages a day? That’s a lot of heys to digest. Why not stand out? Begin with something unexpected. 

A joke, a cheesy line, a meme, or a GIF, any but the Hey! Life is already pretty dull; that’s why the guys are spending their valuable time on Tinder, only to get heys and hellos in their inboxes. So, if you are matched with a cool-looking dude, don’t commit dating suicide by sending a hey. That’s even worse than sending him a weather update. 

9. Go for Cheesy Openers; You will get a Reply

The best way to make a cheesy pickup line is to ask them if they want to hear one or… Your or can be any other question. This trick will get you a reply for sure. And most men would go for the pickup line because they are curious to know what you have up your sleeves. 

It’s rare for a man to meet a female who would use a pickup line to reel them in, so curiosity will get the better of them. Examples of some cheesy pickup lines

  • “Aside from being a handsome hunk, what do you do for a living?”
  • “Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?”

Pair up your line with a dull question like cheesy lines or weather update; what do you fancy more?

10. Choose One!

The choice of one game is yet another excellent opener that is bound to get a reply. The guys can’t resist but answer the Choose One options. But make sure your chosen choices are enticing, like Angelina or Rihanna, Pizza or Burger, Pineapple on Pizza, or Chocolate on Pizza. These are just some examples that will get you a reply for sure. 

11. The “Quick Question”

Again, guys use this more than girls do because they like a good joke and humorous conversation. So, to get their attention, why not act like them? Use a quick question as your opener. You can go like

  • Quick question, why do guys love cars so much?
  • Quick question, are you the adventurous type or the opposite?
  • Quick question, a mountain trail or desert safari, what’s your fantasy?
  • Quick question, blonde, brunette, or other? 

Get as original as you can with these quick questions, and you will get all your matches to reply to you in no time. Why? Why does this work? Well, the simplest way to answer that is because it’s different. This screams originality and a good sense of humor. 

12. Ask them to Rate Your Pick Up Lines

Here’s another way of making a guy laugh and talk to you, ask him what he thinks about your pickup lines and send him some. For this one, you need to have some hilariously rowdy pickup lines ready—the dirtier, the funnier. 

Remember, your goal is to make the guy fall for your humor, so keep it as light and hilarious as you can. Here are some of the coolest pickup lines you can send your match to rate out of 10. 

  • I’m on top of things. Would you like to be one of them?
  • Do you want to sin for your next confessional?
  • Give me your keys so I can drive you crazy.
  • Is it hot in here? Or is it just you?
  • Did you have Lucky Charms today? Because you look enchantingly appetizing!

Most of the time, it’s the guy who sends these out, so it will be funny for a guy to receive these for a change. 


Tinder or dating apps are hard work. The competition on these apps is pretty severe. The matches are hard to get, so when you do get one, why mess it up with a sad old opener? Why not make the most of your match and get the guy talking? 

Take chances, and step away from the conventional ways of attracting a guy’s attention. Be bold and a little wild; this has a better chance of working than your boring hey and hello. 

Derek Ma

As a project manager with 10+ years of experience in dating service, I totally understand how dating platforms work. Online dating is convenient but could be challenging with both good and bad, I would like to share my insights with you :)

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