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Sent a Bad Message on Tinder Without a Response? Second Message Examples After no Response

Getting the perfect match on dating apps seems like a rare thing nowadays. Imagine getting a perfect match and not being able to send a well-crafted message that ensures a reply. 

Instead, you sent a bogus message, a dull intro, a cheesy pick-up line, or worse, just a “hey” to start the conversation. Of course, these are no way near enticing enough to get a reply; so what are you going to do? What’s the game plan here? What are you thinking? Well, in this situation, there are only two things you can do:

  • Ignore and move on, and regret not taking the chance
  • Be bold enough to take the chance and get the ball in your court again

But how exactly does one manage that after sending a bad text? Well, this is why we are here. Let’s get to the depth of undoing your mistake and send the perfect follow-up message to get your perfect match reply and give you a second chance. 

What are the Chances your Second Text will be a Hit?

Well, take it this way, what’s the harm in sending another text? According to popular Tinder stats, there is a whopping 12% chance of getting a reply if you send a second text within a week of your first. Aren’t we all living for that 12%? 

However, being too impatient can convey a negative image of you, so be careful with your timing. Because as much as the quality of the second text matters, the timing is also very crucial. 

Should you leave it a second text, or should you keep going till you get a reply? This is another important question. There is no harm in double texting, but bombarding your match with one after another text will get you blocked faster than you can type. 

Moreover, the tone of the text matters too. Don’t seem obsessed or desperate. Texts like, “Hey stranger, long time no see?” are an example of desperate and passive-aggressive. No one wants to deal with such a match, so be careful how you word your second text. 

When to Second Text After the First?

As much as the tone and wording matter, the time is equally crucial. You can make a big mistake by sending the text too soon and sounding desperate, or send it too late, and they might even forget they ever matched with you. So, time your second text well. 

Think about it this way; not everyone opens their dating apps daily. Most people access their apps at the start of weekends. As per this, you should ideally wait eight days before sending your second text. When to send the third if you don’t get a reply even after your second one? Never! Hear me loud and clear; you blew your chance with this one; let it go. 

Going Back on a Bad Text with a better Second Text

Man in Black Crew-neck Top Using Online Dating Apps

The first text is always daunting; many can get the opener wrong. However, there is no harm in trying again. So, here are some ways to clear the air and send a better second text that ensures a reply. 

1. The Sweater is Finished. Do you Want to see it?

If there are horses in her pictures, offer her to take lessons together.

If your match is over 70%, it’s a sign that you should most definitely message her the second time. The percentage is worth the effort. Keep your second text light and make a light joke about her replying late.

If she has even a little bit of humor, she will appreciate your joke about her late replying. And if it’s a guy you are texting, he will dig the joke big time. Don’t jump to depressing conclusions before you talk to your match, and get to know why the late reply is. Until you know for sure about the reason, keep your tone light and fun. 

Look up her interests section, and you will find a clue for your second text. For example, if there are horses in her pictures, offer her to take lessons together. Your thoughtfulness and fun manner will intrigue her curiosity. 

2. Show Concern

Send her a text asking whether everything is okay since you have never heard back from her. 

Here’s what most girls do not expect from a total stranger; kindness. A little bit of consideration and concern goes a long way. You can send her a text asking whether everything is okay since you have never heard back from her. 

Or does she need help in any way? It’s also important that you convey that there is no pressure from your side to reply. She can take her sweet time and reply when she is all good. 

This no-pressure manner conveys that you are a patient man, and she can expect the same from you in the future should you guys decide to enter a meaningful relationship. The consideration might just act as an extra incentive to reply. 

3. Movie Quotes Or Songs

Hello… It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.

Another good way of making light of the situation is to send her a quote from her favorite book or movie. Now, if this is only your second text, how will you know her favorite movie or book? 

Score her profile, check out her interests and hobbies, and reread her bio to get clues. You might find something worthy there that’s good enough to use. However, to make this look charming and work for you, you need your quotes to be about waiting and the likes. 

For example, in the famous song Hello by Adele, “Hello… It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.” or “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but you have my number…so text me maybe? By Carly Rae Jepsen.

Such cute second texts are disarming. They show good nature as well as a fun personality. Both girls and guys dig such traits in their match’s personality. Such light-humor messages are always excellent for releasing tension if any. 

4. Memes and GIFS to Save The Day

Statistically proven visual content will likely get a faster reply than texts. 

Just like songs and movie quotes, you can use memes and GIFs as your second message. Why does it work? Well, a visual image is always attractive. Everyone loves a good meme; statistically proven visual content will likely get a faster reply than texts. 

But, what to choose as your GIF or meme? How about cute smurfs waiting? Or is Benjamin Button aging and waiting for your match’s reply? Such memes are a great way of letting your match know that you still haven’t given up on them. 

5. Take The Cute Romantic Path for Your Second Message

Here I am picturing our I do moment, and there you are taking forever to reply.

Okay! The first one was boring, but you still have one more chance to prove you are anything but boring. So, bring on the big guns, and by big guns, we mean the romantic messages that every girl swoons over. 

Girls love cute gestures, and you better make one to make her reply and forget about the first mistake you made. A little romance goes a long way; text her something like “Here I am picturing our I do moment, and there you are taking forever to reply.” or “For you, my love, I will wait an eternity.” are funny yet romantic. They also convey that you aren’t mad at their late replies. 

Moreover, why are people on dating apps? To find their future love match. By talking about the future together, you might just pull heartstrings. It can also be taken as a hint that you like her more than just a crush. 

6. Look For a Personal Connection

he Effel looks way better with a partner holding your hand.

Easier said than done; how can you find a personal connection with someone you just matched on a dating app? Well, there are ways if you are good at paying attention to their profile, pictures added as well as other information given in their bio. 

This does take effort; isn’t it worth it if it pays off in the end? And even if it doesn’t work this time, isn’t it good practice for the future? So, what do you do when you find the connection? Well, you use it to personalize your second text and make a lasting impression. If her profile says, she loves a good laugh? You send her a joke and tell her you are waiting to see if this made her laugh because you have more coming her way. 

Similarly, if her profile hints about traveling and adventurous nature, you make sure your second text mentions traveling enticingly, like a couple of goals. I bet she would have a hard time resisting that. 

For example, “The Effel looks way better with a partner holding your hand.” This is romantic and hints that you would like to accompany her on her travel adventures. Now, who would say no to such a sweet message? 

7. Give Her the Benefit of the Doubt and Crack a Joke About it

Your dedication to sending the perfect text speaks to me.

Jokes work best when you try your hand a second time to lure your match in for a conversation. But what kind of jokes should they be? Well, seeing that you have waited long enough for your match to respond, why not make your joke about that? 

However, word it smartly, a joke they would love to continue. How about something like, “Your dedication to sending the perfect text speaks to me.” or “I love how you are taking time to send your first perfect message.” 

This gives her both the benefit of the doubt and a joke to continue and make light of the situation. 

8. Would I Die If I Held My Breath Waiting For Your Reply?

I bequeath you the title of women with the slowest replying time on Tinder.

Teasing is yet another way of getting your match reply in a fun way. Teasing also means she will laugh, and if she does, she will surely reply. Men with good humor are hard to find, and so are women who enjoy humor. 

Super creative and original lines to tell her you have been patiently waiting for her reply that she might be writing because it’s taking too long is one way of ensuring she reads the text in good humor. Sending her a text saying,

“I bequeath you the title of women with the slowest replying time on Tinder.” or “I would leave you with your slow texting, but I can’t; you are too cute to ignore.” 

Your sweet cheesy lines will assure her that she still has time to make a move. And that’s all she needs to strike a conversation with you. 

Reasons why your Match Didn’t Reply To Your Initial Message

There can be a tin of reasons, but the most common one is that they found your 1st message boring. Getting a match on Tinder is a huge deal, so make sure your opener is nothing but the best message ever. A few other reasons can be,

  • Just like many others, your match swiped right without any intention of ever texting back. 
  • They may not check their app daily, so give them a week before double texting.
  • They may be distracted or working on something important; it’s better to wait than send another message too soon. 
  • They are waiting to see what your next move is, so make a bold one to impress your match.
  • They found their match and may have deleted the app.
  • They may be traveling; this will be hinted at in their bio. Wait a week before sending another text, just in case. 

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, not all matches reply as fast as you expect them to. Some may never respond; that’s not on you. It is how the Tinder life works, so don’t take these small losses at heart. There are plenty of fish to catch in the dating ocean. 

Moreover, not replying to the initial text doesn’t necessarily mean your match has ghosted you. They might just be busy and will return to you once they get rid of the distraction.

Derek Ma

As a project manager with 10+ years of experience in dating service, I totally understand how dating platforms work. Online dating is convenient but could be challenging with both good and bad, I would like to share my insights with you :)

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