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How to Write a Dating Profile Bio That Gets You Better Matches?

Much of your online dating success comes down to factors out of your control – the popularity of the app in your area, the number of users who match your interests, and sheer luck. Still, you can do a few things to improve your odds of finding great matches, the first of them being writing an excellent dating profile bio.

Simply listing some of your interests, citing a random quote as you would for your high school yearbook, or, worst yet, leaving your bio blank won’t cut it. With over 50.8 million online dating users in the US alone, you’ll have to find ways to stand out; you’ll have to give your profile bio some thought.

As usual, that can be easier said than done. Not everyone’s a great writer, and even the best writers can struggle with expressing their entire personality in a few short sentences. The good news is that all you have to do is follow a few dos and don’ts of dating profile bios to get more views and better matches. Check them out.

The Biggest No-Nos of Dating Profile Bios

Before we get into the best tips for creating your online dating profile bio, it’s a good idea to go over a few things that you should never do:

1. Don’t put it off

When you first register for a new online dating platform, you likely want to get in on the action ASAP. Who cares about filling in their profile bio or answering optional personality questions when you can start swiping? Still, if you want others to “swipe right” on you, you’ll need to fill in some information. Don’t put it off. As soon as you create a profile, write your bio. You can always change it later if it’s not perfect.

2. Don’t brag too much

Highlighting your qualities is excellent. Bragging about them isn’t. Stating how much you earn, how much you can bench press, or how much someone needs to work to get your attention are huge turn-offs that will only make you seem arrogant and self-absorbed.

3. Don’t write a bio in two minutes

A dating profile bio isn’t something you should rush. Don’t put off writing it, but do take your time. The more thought you give to your bio, the more effective it will be at attracting the right dating app users.

4. Don’t think you need to write it just once

Your bio isn’t a one-and-done deal. There will always be room for improvements, so don’t worry if it isn’t the best right from the start.

5. Don’t overthink it

While you should give your profile bio some thought, you shouldn’t overthink it. It will only make you unnecessarily anxious and leave more room for mistakes.

6. Don’t use clichés

While some clichés exist because they work, it’s better to steer clear of them in your bio. You want to appear authentic and genuine. Even if you’re not the most creative person on the app, it’s better to introduce yourself in your own words than to use cliché quotes that don’t work to your advantage in the slightest.

7. Don’t lie or exaggerate:

Finally, don’t lie in your bio. There’s truly no reason to. The whole point of online dating is to meet someone in-person and make a genuine connection. If you lie, your matches will find out sooner or later. You’ll only have to awkwardly explain why you’re not as tall as you’d stated or why you look nothing like your profile picture.

With a few of the biggest don’ts addressed, it’s time to get into the dos. Check out how you can create a dating profile bio that gets you more views and matches.

Start by Setting up a Good Username

Although not really a part of your bio, your username is a big part of your dating profile. It’s the first thing that other dating site users will notice, so make it count.

Steer clear of childish names like funkboy69 or daddys_little_princess. They won’t do you any good, even if you’re using hookup sites and apps. Instead, opt for something a bit more mature. If you can, there’s nothing wrong with using your actual name. Alternatively, think of your hobbies, interests, and passions, then use them for inspiration.

Keep Things Concise

Some dating apps have a very limited character count, while others give you as much room in your bio as you may want. Whatever the case is, you’ll want to keep things clear and concise – no one comes to dating sites to read poorly-written novel-length bios. You’ll want to grab attention quickly and effectively, so focus on the most important things that you want to highlight.

If you feel the need to explain yourself in more than just a few sentences, pay attention to your formatting and don’t put more than a couple of sentences in a single paragraph. A vast majority of dating site members use their mobile devices for matchmaking. If you have long paragraphs, you’ll only bombard them with walls of text that they’ll ignore. Clear, concise, and well-formatted is the way to go.

Think of Your Takeaway

One thing that makes writing a dating profile bio super difficult is that few people have a clear objective. They want a great bio that tells their whole life story, but they don’t know what point they’re trying to get across.

First thing’s first, you cannot state everything there’s to know about you in a few simple sentences. Even if your preferred dating site has no character limits for the bio section, it’s impossible to list all your hobbies, interests, personality traits, and more in a single dating bio.

So, instead of having this general goal of thoroughly introducing yourself to internet strangers, think of your main takeaways. What is the most interesting thing about you? What do you want your potential matches to know about you before you two get in touch? What makes you unique?

Pretend that Other Users Have a Plagiarism Checker

white and red wooden signage with Original word

Although pretending that other users have a plagiarism checker sounds like weird advice, it’s important. You never want to copy someone else’s bio. You won’t gain anything from it. At best, you’ll have a generic bio that makes you seem like a regular bot or spammer. At worst, your potential matches will notice that your bio is copied, and they’ll know to avoid you since you have nothing original to offer.

While it can be difficult, you must use your own words to describe yourself. It will help you stand out from the crowd and attract exactly the type of matches that suit you best.

With this in mind, it’s still a good idea to check out what kind of bios other site users have. It can help you get a feel for the writing style you could go for, and it can serve as a great source of inspiration.

Pay Attention to Your Grammar

You don’t have to be a literary genius or an English major to get great matches while using online dating sites, but you need to pay attention to your grammar. Over half of all dating site users say that bad grammar is a bigger turn-off than bad sex. Confusing your “they’re,” “there,” and “theirs” will significantly reduce your chances of success.

Of course, you’ll still want to stay at least somewhat relatable, so don’t go out of your way to use big words or express yourself in a way you’d never IRL. You will only end up looking like a snob.

Instead, write like you usually would and turn on the grammar and spell-check. There’s not much to it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Quirky

Your quirks are what make you unique, so don’t try to hide them. They could be your biggest selling point on dating platforms, and you can easily use them to your advantage.

If you like posting googly eyes on random billboards across the city or spending your time spinning yarn out of your dog’s shed hair, say it. Sure, it could be weird and turn off some users, but those users aren’t worth your time anyway. The right people will find it entertaining. At least it will give them something to talk to you about, so it’s much better than just leaving your bio with “I like beer, video games, and gym.”

Stay True to Yourself

We’ve already discussed this in the “don’ts” section, but it’s important to highlight it. About 80% of online daters in the US lie in their bio. Everyone has their reasons for doing so – some are embarrassed about their true hobbies, others just like the attention it gets them. Whatever the case is, there’s no good reason for lying and making up stories in your bio.

Even if your true self doesn’t appeal to everyone, stay true to yourself. It’s perfectly acceptable to present yourself in the best light possible, but any lies and exaggerations will only leave you and your matches disappointed when you meet IRL.

Keep Things Positive and Lighthearted

Nobody likes a Grinch. Other users will avoid you if you seem bitter, negative, or angry in your bio. It’s a turn-off that triggers their red flags. Keep your bio cheerful and lighthearted.

Is the best thing about yourself truly that you’ve “made this profile because your lying, cheating partner deserves it”? Is your main quality that you hate Star Wars and have never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones because it’s such a lame show?

Whether it’s talking about the things you hate, warning specific users to avoid you if they’re shorter than 6 ft, or dragging your exes through the mud, don’t do it. There are so many better things you can talk about in your bio. If you’re really passionate about the “negative” things, discuss them with your match in person and see whether you connect over those topics then.

Add High-Quality Photos of Yourself

Your photos are the most critical aspects of your dating profile bio. Whether we like it or not, we all judge a book by its cover, so make sure you have a nice cover.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean using unnatural filters or photoshopping your pictures to change your appearance. It simply means using high-quality photos that showcase both your appearance and personality.

Start with your main profile picture. Ensure that it’s a selfie or a solo picture to avoid any confusion about who you are. Use a high-resolution image that highlights your pearly whites – most dating site users prefer a nice smiling face to a sexy one.

If you can, add more photos. Try to tell a story with your pictures, don’t just spam with selfies. Group photos are acceptable as long as they’re not your main picture. Add some action shots of you hiking, playing with your dog, or enjoying an activity you mentioned in the bio.

Ask Your Friends for Feedback

If you’re not quite sure how your dating profile bio looks, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Thankfully, none of us have to hide our online dating habits anymore. It’s not embarrassing, and it’s not taboo to be on a dating platform.

So, talk to your friends and family about it. They can give you their opinions on your bio, but they could also help you discern some of the most remarkable qualities that you’d failed to mention.

Final Thoughts

Creating a great dating profile bio isn’t an exact science, but there are always some dos and don’ts you need to be aware of. The most important thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that your bio isn’t a permanent fixture of your dating profile. You can always change, tweak, and improve it as you go.

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As a project manager with 10+ years of experience in dating service, I totally understand how dating platforms work. Online dating is convenient but could be challenging with both good and bad, I would like to share my insights with you :)

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