Avoid Being Objectified by Men

Online Dating for Women: How to Stop Men From Objectifying You

Online dating has been around for some time now. People use it to find casual dates, one-night stands, and even potential soul mates. As you can encounter different types of people on numerous dating apps, you may experience different types of uncomfortable and disappointing situations.

Moreover, if you are a woman, there’s a good chance you will come across unpleasant comments and various objectification methods against you. You may even experience sexual harassment and disturbing communication with the opposite gender.

Women’s objectification is a big issue in today’s society, and it’s necessary to talk about different problems you may come across along the way. Also, you should know how to deal with any type of harassment and sexually-related attacks on online dating sites.

1. Understand how dating apps work

Before we talk about women’s objectification issues, you should be aware of how dating apps work in the first place. The reason why you should know this is to prepare yourself for potential unfortunate events in the future.

Dating apps represent platforms where you can search for and find someone for yourself in casual and formal dating, hookups, and even marriage. Although thousands of people worldwide use dating apps, many of them state that it can often be a stressful experience.

Most online dating apps nowadays function in a way where you match up with another person and have the chance to talk to them. You can choose potential partners based on their photos and description of themselves.

2. Know what you want

The best possible way to find what you need is to know what you want. As there are many forms of dating you can experience, you should know what suits you best and what you should search for in the future.

That’s the best way to avoid anyone who doesn’t appeal to your intentions. If you come straightforward with what you need, you will exclude anyone who might not be a match for you after all.

Also, men like to meet a girl who knows what she wants. On the other hand, it’s perfectly normal if you are unsure of what you need. In that case, you can just talk to different people, find who suits you best, and just go with the flow.

3. Stay away from shady profiles

If you wish to find someone on a dating app and avoid any awkward or unpleasant situations, keep in mind that some people want to take advantage of you. Because of that, you should always keep an eye out for profiles that seem weird or shady.

In most cases, you can determine whether the profile is fake based on their pictures, information, and way of communication. However, you can easily fall for profiles that seem legit and get yourself in a dangerous situation.

Nevertheless, we advise you to take your time when meeting new people online. Make sure you spend appropriate time talking to them, seeing them on camera, and learning what they expect from you before you meet them in person.

4. Be careful when communicating with them

Meeting someone new can sometimes be a challenging experience due to your communication skills. One of the things you should know when dating online is how you communicate with new people you meet.

When men see that you’re their match, they often think they did their job. You may also get straight-up messages from them in your DM’s. However, you must let him know that you want to meet them a little better before meeting them in person.

We advise you not to give them any opportunity to objectify and harass you. Try to keep your tone neutral and pleasant, and be clear about your intentions and what you want. You will easily spot aggressive behavior with men who expect to meet you in person as soon as possible, and you can just stop the conversation right then and there.

5. Pay attention to what you post

Although you are free to be yourself in person and online, you should pay attention to how you present yourself in some cases. It’s pretty simple – if a man sees pictures of you where you show off your body, they will automatically think you are easy prey.

Make sure you post decent pictures where you don’t show off too much skin, cleavage, or provocative content. If you do, you may experience disturbing comments on the way you look.

However, we do understand your need to be yourself wherever you go. Remember that it’s up to you whether these comments will get to you or not. If you are a strong woman who knows how to say no, we advise you to post whatever you want but keep an eye out for rude men.

6. Know their intentions

One of the first things you should know about someone new you meet is their expectations and intentions. It can often be a deal-breaker, as someone looking for a serious relationship is just not down for a casual hookup.

You must know what they want to decide whether you will give them a chance or even bring your relationship to a more serious level. Remember that you should always come clear with your intentions and avoid a situation where you can experience any unwanted situations.

However, many guys will say they are looking for one thing and expect something completely different. People bring out fake intentions just to take advantage of you, so you must know when to stay away. Also, you must know how to recognize fake intentions and not fall for their tricks.

7. Don’t get easily offended

People can often say things that may hurt us, especially if they don’t know us. Online dating creates a space where you can easily encounter these types of uncomfortable situations. Because of that, you need to know how to react to any offensive thing they may say or do to you.

Keep in mind that they are on dating apps because they have no luck finding someone who can deal with them. You can easily recognize whether someone is taking out their frustrations on you and trying to hurt you.

Don’t forget that their actions reflect their dissatisfaction with themselves, and you shouldn’t take any type of provocations or negative comments too close to heart. Therefore, you can just ignore inappropriate comments, ghost the rude person, and move on.

8. Recognize the red flags

Depending on your previous relationship experiences, you may have difficulties deciding whether someone’s right for you. When dating online, you should watch out for the most basic red flags in some men you may come across.

You can recognize the most important red flags in the photos they post, their description, and how they communicate with you. If they show aggressive or possessive behavior in communication, that’s a big no, and you should abort the mission as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you should always let a guy know that you are not someone who wants a toxic relationship. Try to stay neutral when talking to them, and let them down whenever you feel like they might harass or hurt you in any way.

9. Don’t believe everything you hear

People can often act like something they’re not just to get you to like them. It’s basic human behavior, and you need to know whether the things they say are real. It’s easy to fall for different persuasion methods, especially if you like someone you met online.

You should always be aware that their pictures may not be theirs. Also, they might lie about their age, characters, and even their intentions, so always make sure you meet them online well before meeting them in person.

Make sure you always double-check what they say or do. Search them on google and different social media. That way, you can see whether they are legit and not trying to lure you into believing in their lies and fake assumptions.

10. Be aware of what they need

It has a lot to do with a person’s intentions and needs. If you want to have a clear experience, you must talk to them about what they expect from you and whether you are the right person for their needs.

It’s so important because you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation in the future. You may experience a citation where you will start a more serious relationship with someone who doesn’t see eye to eye.

Also, try to communicate with them about whether you can live up to their expectations and if you should continue dating. Some guys have hard expectations, and not everyone can act like they expect them to.

11. Know your worth

As online dating brings different issues to the table, it may even affect how you see yourself. You may have issues in online dating due to your insecurities, which can lead to certain problems, and you may start thinking less about yourself.

Never forget who you are and what you want. You may quickly start doubting your looks, communication skills, and character. If you’re naturally an insecure person, try to build up your confidence and boost your self-esteem before entering the online dating world.

Also, make sure no one gets in the way of containing your positive self-image. Men can quickly get under your skin and make you lose your confidence to loosen up your ego. It’s up to you not to let them get to you and continue your search.

12. Don’t let them hurt you

You may come across different people who may misbehave, and you may experience different types of negative comments and harassment attempts on your behalf when dating online. In that case, you should know how to behave and react to any of their attacks.

Try not to take things too personally, as they can make you think like you’re the one who’s doing something wrong. Also, you may experience their different sexual assumptions based on how you look and act.

Therefore, the best way to avoid negative comments and even sexual harassment is to ignore their provocation attempts, ignore their messages, and block them if needed. Remember that what they say should have no real meaning as you don’t know them.

13. If it gets too far, get out of there

There is a chance that you will experience serious problems when communicating with someone. You may get blackmail attempts, sexually-related content, and even threatening messages for any reason.

If it gets too far, we advise you to delete your dating profile and test your luck with finding someone to date in person. Keep in mind that your mental health should always come first, and if you find yourself desperate because of your previous experience, you should just stay away from online dating.

Deleting your profile doesn’t mean you’re insecure but rather says a lot about how men can treat women on online dating platforms. It’s important to know when it’s time to say no and just stay away from any unpleasant experiences.

14. Pay attention to who you trust

Trust is a big problem within online dating platforms, as you can never know who you can trust. As people can show their false intentions, you can begin to trust them and even make the next step in your relationship.

Always double-check what they say and do, and never trust anyone fully. Keep in mind that many men say things they don’t mean just so you’ll have a positive opinion about them and meet them in person where they can get what they want.

However, it can be hard to assume whether you should trust the person you’re talking to based on what you know about them. If you’re unsure whether the person you’re talking to is someone you can trust, try to consult a friend or a family member and hear their opinion.

15. Don’t give them any attention

Men seek attention at all times, and when they get it, they often think that they are powerful and can do whatever they want. It’s up to you to end any unnecessary and uncomfortable contacts you may come across.

The simplest way to avoid any negative experiences when dating online is to ignore any harassment attempts. The block button on dating apps is there for a reason, and don’t hesitate to use it if you feel like someone’s taking advantage of you or harassing you online.

That’s why you should not give out any attention in the first place. If you do, there’s a good chance you will cause unpleasant behavior as the person you’re talking to can take you for granted and take advantage of you.

16. Don’t doubt yourself

If you decide to get into online dating, you must make your experience steady and your intentions clear. If you don’t, you may find yourself doubting your looks, your needs, and yourself as a person.

Also, someone can shake up your confidence through toxic communication and harassment. You should always know better and try to avoid those types of people and that type of energy.

Never doubt yourself, especially if you want to find someone for a relationship. You may also experience rejections due to your low self-esteem, and you may have a hard time finding who you need in the future.

17. Try different dating apps

There are many online dating apps you can choose from, and you may use the one that doesn’t suit you. That may happen due to the dysfunctionality of a dating app and the people who use it. Because of that, you must find the appropriate dating app for your needs and taste.

Do your research before making a profile on a certain online dating platform. As there are many online dating apps you can use, try to find out which one will suit you the best by reading other people’s experiences.

Also, check how dating apps function, what they offer, and how you can use them. It may take a lot of time, but we think that it’s crucial to find the most suitable app for yourself if you wish to find someone you want to date.

18. Don’t take online dating so seriously

Although you are in desperate need of finding someone to date, don’t forget that online dating can rarely bring you good experiences in most cases. Most people use online dating platforms for casual hookups and fun.

As it may occur to you that you have indeed found the right person for yourself, make sure you have double thoughts at all times. Always double-check what you know about them and whether your relationship should reach the next level.

You may have high expectations when using dating apps, especially if you haven’t been in a relationship in a while. We advise you to watch your back and try to have the safest experience possible in the future.

19. Try to have fun along the way

You may take online dating very seriously due to your need to find someone appropriate for yourself. However, maybe you should loosen up a little, start enjoying the journey, and worry less about what people think of you.

Online dating can be a great way to boost your confidence and find the best way to communicate with someone you like. Also, you can have fun talking with different types of people you may come across on the platform.

Dating platforms can also be a good choice for people who have low self-esteem.If you do have those issues, we advise you to get the most out of your experience and try to experiment with new communication methods and entertain yourself along the way.

20. Confront them, if necessary

You may experience serious issues when dating online, as many people can stress you out along the way. As you may choose to ignore or block them, some people just need a taste of their own medicine.

It might make you feel more powerful and put them back in their place. If you want to confront them, try to use everything they’ve already said to you – and remember, honesty can hurt people a lot.

On the other hand, you should always think twice before confronting someone online. In some situations, it’s best you just ignore them and stay away. Don’t forget to avoid in-person confrontations, as they could result in physical assault.

21. Let them down with style

Many people on online dating platforms can often be rude and cause awkward and unpleasant situations. They may also try to hurt your feelings through different methods and even get to you in person.

Although you may not like confrontations with people, some guys just need to hear hurtful things from you. You should know when to let someone down with style and buzz them a bit along the way.

There is no exact formula for letting someone down and making them think about what they’ve said or done. Try to be creative and use their assumptions and flaws against them. If they get upset, that means you’re doing a good job.

22. Secure your privacy

Security is one of the most important steps when trying online dating. Your safety must always come first, and you mustn’t let anyone get in your way of staying safe when using online dating platforms.

The best way to maintain your security is to check for security settings in the online dating app. You can manage your settings and make your profile more private and secure from any possible threats.

Also, make sure you read the site’s terms and conditions before making a profile on a dating site. Some dating platforms can turn out to be rip-offs and can abuse your information and photos in many ways.

23. Don’t get your hopes up

You might expect to find a suitable person on an online dating platform, but it can be challenging to find what you need based on the texts they send you, their photos, and their attitude. It’s best to be low-key and just explore.

You should never get your hopes up. That way, you won’t get disappointed if you experience rejection or unwanted situations. Try to use dating apps to meet new people and experiment with how you approach people.

Although many people have found their soulmates through online dating, you mustn’t expect that you will find someone too. Get your guard up, explore the possibilities, meet new people, and have fun.

24. Stay positive

Experiences related to online dating can often be tragic and depressive. You may stumble across different guys who just want to get in your pants but try to seem like genuinely nice people. You may also receive disturbing messages from different people.

The faster you realize that so many people want to take advantage of you and not many people you can trust, the easier your journey of finding a suitable match for you will be. We advise you to stay positive at all times.

Although you may not find a match for yourself, try to have fun along the way, and who knows – you may not find a soulmate, but you may find a great friend or someone who can understand you.

25. Raise awareness about women’s objectification

Men have been objectifying women for centuries, which seems to be an issue even today. Dating apps are an example of how men see women, what they expect from them, and their intentions.

As many things could go wrong, especially for inexperienced women, you should try to help out as much as possible. You must talk about the issues related to the objectification of women with your friends, family, and people online.

If people talk about this issue, there is a big chance it can be better in the future. By raising awareness, you can expect changes in the future for yourself and society. We advise you to find a collective of people who also want to work on fixing this issue.

26. Boys will be boys

At the end of the day, we should never forget that men and women are different on so many levels. As women are the ones who biologically mature faster, we can expect immature behavior from men, especially on dating platforms.

That’s one of the reasons why you should lower your expectations, especially if we’re talking about online dating and relationship-related experiences. As men can often be cruel and direct, you must prepare yourself for future confrontations.

On the other hand, not all men are the same. Because of that, you should always give a chance to someone you like, but be ready for any unwanted and unpleasant actions you may experience from them.

27. Stay safe

When using online dating platforms, you must know how to stay protected at all costs. Dating applications can represent dangerous platforms where you can experience different threats and attacks.

Other than experiencing cyber-bullying, there are many ways you can get mentally and even physically hurt. Be cautious when deciding whether you will give someone a chance and meet them in person.

Keep yourself safe at all times and try to always have second thoughts if you wish to get more serious with someone you met online. By acknowledging all the possibilities, you can come prepared for anything that may come your way in the future.

28. Seek help

Many things could go wrong when dating online. Some of the situations you may encounter can be harmless, while others can cause dangerous experiences. If you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, you should always seek help.

If you’re experiencing cyber attacks, you can try to seek help within the platform you’re using. If there is no such option, there are many cyber protection services you can find and ask them to help you.

However, if there is a chance you may experience dangerous situations in person, you should give your local police station a call and explain everything to them. Don’t be shy to ask for help at any moment – if you don’t, many bad things can happen to you.

29. Don’t give up

As we’ve already mentioned, online dating can be challenging and exhausting. Although you may have no luck finding someone on online dating platforms, you shouldn’t feel down, and you should never give up.

Online dating isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find someone in the local coffee shop near you. Life brings unexpected people into your life, and sometimes you shouldn’t try finding someone at all costs.

Although you may have come across bad-mannered people online, that doesn’t mean that you will have no luck in the future. We believe there is everyone for everyone and that it’s just a matter of time before someone acknowledges you for who you are.


Online dating may seem like a lot of work, and there are many things you should keep an eye out for if you decide to use dating platforms. However, you might be in luck and find a suitable life companion.

Many people take online dating for granted and don’t think it could cause some problems. Unfortunately, if you are not careful, you may go through tons of unpleasant and disturbing experiences.

Make sure you always inform yourself before trying out something for the first time. We hope this article helped you understand everything you need to know about online dating and will prepare you for your future journeys.

Derek Ma

As a project manager with 10+ years of experience in dating service, I totally understand how dating platforms work. Online dating is convenient but could be challenging with both good and bad, I would like to share my insights with you :)

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