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24 Mistakes You Can Make on Dating Apps and How to Fix Them

We live in a world where technology plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Social media has become one of the leading means of communication; we all use it to maintain contact with our friends and family. However, in this era of technological progress, we have found a new way to meet new people or, to be precise, our possible partners.

The field of online dating has expanded, so you can choose whichever app you like. There are many possible and available options, and you can find your place in the online dating world, no matter your orientation. There are many online dating apps available nowadays, so you will indeed find an app where you can find your perfect match.

What happens when you step into that world? Will you stumble upon some difficulties or accidentally make mistakes and have a tiny panic attack?

If these questions bother you, we are here to help. This guide will walk you through some of the mistakes you can make on dating apps and how to fix them.

What are dating apps?

Dating apps are available for any smart device. As their name suggests, you can use them for online dating or finding your future partner. The concept of dating apps is simple; you only need to “like” a person that seems attractive to you and see if the feeling is mutual.

Many people are on dating apps currently, and we can see more and more situations of people getting married after meeting each other on online dating apps. So, if you are looking for either your soulmate or just a casual friendship, dating apps will find a match for you.

Once you sign up for a dating app, you will need to enter some of your information, pictures, and orientation, and some apps might even ask what kind of a relationship you are looking for – committed or casual. That information will help the app’s algorithm match you with people who have similar interests as you and are looking for the same kind of relationship.

With that being said, you don’t have to go through all those boring chit-chats. You don’t have to ask tons of questions about someone’s goals and intentions. So, dating apps make it easier to find a relationship to your liking.

However, should you prepare for possible mistakes you might make if you are new to online dating apps? The answer is: absolutely, and we will help you with that. Here are the most common dating app mistakes you should avoid.

1. Being too good for a dating app

Once you are on a dating app, you don’t need to worry about other people judging you. Dating online is normal, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of, so don’t let those who stick to the offline world tell you otherwise.

However, if you feel you are not ready to admit that you’ve met your person through a dating app, you should reconsider signing up; some may find it offensive and feel belittled.

Your attitude towards online dating should be open and honest. There is nothing weird about meeting someone online, but you could make a mistake by showing your potential partner that you are ashamed of how you met. Another mistake is lying and making up stories about how you met your partner.

Our advice is to reconsider whether online dating apps are for you. Have you always dreamed of meeting your partner in a movie-like manner, like running into them while late for work? Then you probably shouldn’t use dating apps to find your soulmate.

If you are new to the online dating game, you don’t have to pretend that you are too good for dating apps; after all, millions of people worldwide use them every day.

2. Expecting to find “The One” instantly

While dating apps are an excellent way to meet new people, you probably won’t meet your soulmate right away. It may take weeks before you even start communicating with someone.

Many people give up after their first try because their expectations are high. All people are different, and finding “The One” is not easy. You cannot exclude an entire app after just one experience.

Our advice is: don’t give up. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner. Like with traditional dating, there will be many ups and downs, but you will eventually find what you need. Don’t put pressure on yourself, and go with the flow. Every new relationship or friendship happens for a reason.

3. Posting photoshopped pictures

Imagine coming across someone’s profile and noticing the person is well-built and looks very attractive. You decide to meet up and, instead of that handsome person, there comes someone who only resembles the person in the pictures.

Catfishing and photoshopping your pictures will not make it easier for you to find a relationship. It can only get worse and even lower your self-esteem and confidence at some point. You will probably get rejected many times because you are not the person you said or showed you were.

Instead, post your unfiltered and unedited pictures. That way, you are honest and straightforward, and the people you match with will not get an unpleasant surprise. Posting your unedited pictures will help you significantly on dating apps.

Likewise, we recommend not using your old pictures because you’ve probably changed since you took them. Yes, that old picture might be your favorite, but avoid using it because that is not you from the present.

People would want to be up-to-date on your appearance, so old photos are not something you should use. You can show your old photos to your chosen one once you get closer.

Pictures with sunglasses are not preferable on online dating apps because they cover your eyes and signify that you are hiding something. You should let people see your eyes because, as the saying goes, “eyes never lie.”

4. Using selfies only

When making a profile on a dating app, you might want to post a few photos, but nothing too much. However, posting only selfies might make you appear like you are ashamed of your appearance or have no confidence.

Your body is equally important, and posting a full-body picture will show that you are confident, which is attractive to many people.

Whether or not you are proud of your body, you should let other users on dating apps see you in your true light. There’s no need to wear a proverbial mask and cover your body; you are perfect the way you are, and we are confident that you will find a match for yourself.

5. Posting group photos

Your profile on a dating app should be YOUR profile, not one where you share the pictures of your friends. You may want to show off your social and friendly side, but posting photos with your friends might confuse other people. They might ask themselves: “Whose profile is this, anyway?”

Instead of showing off your friendly side through your photos, do it during one-on-one communications. We recommend posting one group photo, for example, from your favorite adventure with your friends. That will show that you are both friendly and adventurous while ensuring your potential partners will recognize you instantly.

6. Update your profile frequently

Some of us may not like taking pictures of ourselves, but keeping your profile up-to-date can be a game-changer for many. We change all the time, and even one month is enough time to change your appearance or personal information. Take new photos and replace the old ones once a month.

Our advice is to change your pictures every once in a while. You will maybe post a photo that will attract someone new. Someone might notice a specific detail in that photo, which can be a good conversation starter. You would also like to see the freshest pictures of potential partners, so why not do the same?

7. Long descriptions

Writing long descriptions on your online dating profile seems dull to many people. If you find it exciting, you might want to rethink your approach.

Although we understand that you want to express yourself, there is something magical about getting to know someone without knowing much about them. Long bios leave no mystery, and that magic can disappear instantly.

Our advice is to keep it simple. White only a few basic things about yourself, but don’t reveal too much. That way, you will seem like a puzzle worth solving. You will surely add something mystical to your online dating profile.

However, don’t make your bio too short either; give just enough information that you think describes you best. That way, you will attract the person you are looking for and make them interested in you from the beginning.

8. Not being responsive

We all have work to do and are probably always busy. However, if you want to text a person on a dating app, you should not leave them hanging. If you are occupied, you need to say that you are. Intentionally not responding to a text will not make them want you more; it will have the opposite effect.

We recommend being open and honest. If you do not want to continue texting someone, say so. If you are busy, notify the person that you will not be able to text all day.

Never, and we genuinely mean never, leave someone hanging just because you think it is a way to their heart – it is not.

9. Cliches

You probably won’t stand out if you use cliches in your profile description or while texting. If you want someone to notice you, you should get creative and write something that will catch their attention.

For instance, write a reference from your favorite book or movie or lyrics from your favorite song. This type of information will attract someone who has the same interests as you, and you will indeed have a topic for your first conversation.

Our advice is to be yourself. If you are the type of person whose lifestyle is based on using cliches, that is fine, too, and you might find a similar partner. However, if you want to appear attractive from the beginning, make an effort to write something unique that will make you memorable.

10. Not making the first move

If you come across someone who seems interesting to you, don’t hesitate to make the first move – you have nothing to lose. That even gives you an advantage since people will remember you as courageous. There’s no need to be afraid, as you can only gain a friend or a partner by making the first move.

Making the first move is an essential part of online dating. Some people may be shy and won’t dare to text you first, so initiating contact will get their attention.

You can never know what you are missing unless you muster your courage and press send. Plus, you will leave an excellent impression if you get the courage to start a conversation, and first impressions are crucial for developing your relationship.

11. Rushing into a relationship

When using a dating app, you might want to take things slow. Don’t rush into a date or a relationship. Instead, take your time to get to know each other. You will eventually be sure whether you want to continue dating or not.

When you rush into a relationship, you will not know the person you are in a relationship with well. Since things are going quickly, your relationship might lose its spark after a short time, and you might be disappointed when you find out who the person you are dating is. So, we highly recommend taking your time to get to know someone before making it official.

12. Too much personal information

Disclosing too much of your personal information is a mistake you need to avoid. Don’t put your home or work address in your bio since that is not a surefire way to high privacy and security. You need to trust the person you are sharing your personal information with, so don’t make it public.

Many people are on dating apps these days, and some may not have the purest intentions, while others are potentially dangerous. Our advice is not to share the details that may expose you, your home, or your loved ones. Remember to be safe because some dating app users are not who they pretend to be.

13. Lying on your profile

Lying about your age, name, degree, position, or other information on online dating apps is not something you should do since that will not bring you anything good.

You can only be suspicious of the person you want to date, and they probably won’t be happy when they find out that you were lying all along. That can potentially create trust issues in your relationship.

You represent yourself on dating apps, so don’t pretend to be someone else because the truth will eventually come out. People will like you for who you are, not for who you want to be. You wouldn’t want to find out that someone lied to you, too, so don’t do what you wouldn’t want to happen to you.

14. Make sure you are talking to an actual person

When you use a dating app and come across someone you like, don’t rush into a date. You need to make sure that you are talking to an actual person and that that person is the one in the pictures.

There is an increase in cyber-attacks and scams, yet many people are unaware that not everyone has pure intentions. We know about the story of the Tinder Swindler, and we advise you to consider that story as a lesson.

Making a phone call or a video call before agreeing on a first date is the smartest thing you can do. You need to make sure that you are protected from any harm that might come your way. If you ever feel insecure about someone online, you should immediately report suspicious behavior.

15. Don’t text too many people at once

We understand that you are looking for a partner or a friend, but you need to be aware that texting too many people at once can cause you trouble. You can lose your focus when you have different conversations simultaneously, and you will not be paying attention to the people you are texting.

If you are looking for a partner, you need to know them and give them the time and attention they deserve. When texting many people, you may unintentionally discard someone you like or not pay attention to the person who might be your perfect match.

You can always stop communicating with someone – that is what online dating apps are all about, but texting many people will not bring you closer to finding your future loved one.

16. Don’t ask for pity

We all have our problems and troubles in our lives. Some may have lost their loved ones or struggle with depression or an unrelated issue. If such a problem is the first thing you mention to your online date, you will be disappointed when you find out that your communication with them is based only on pity.

We are all empaths to a certain level, and of course, we may feel sorry for someone who has a sad life story. However, that cannot become your personality or something you represent yourself with, and some people may even find you naive for oversharing.

Our advice is to keep your troubles for later on. Be sure to get to know the person you will share your story with because you need to trust someone with such delicate things. You must ensure that they will not use it against you.

Opening up once you know each other better can only help you become closer with the person you feel connected with, and you will earn their respect. You might even make them feel special and appreciated because you shared your hardships with them.

17. Bad conversation starters

Imagine finding someone whose profile bio captures your attention instantly. You would surely like to start a conversation with that person but may not know what to say. Using cliches is not the best way to go because, after all, that will be the first impression you leave on someone, and you want it to be positive.

If you think about contacting someone, don’t write a simple “Hey” or use overused pick-up lines. You will not automatically become more attractive to that person, but quite the opposite, you may appear dull and uncreative.

Our advice is to use something that makes you unique or something you both have in common. For instance, you can mention a song that you think they would listen to, which will be an excellent conversation starter.

It is all up to you, but try to avoid a simple “Hello” or “Hey.” If you don’t have anything else in mind, a compliment will always be a great way of greeting someone.

18. Grammatical mistakes

Have you ever run into a profile where the person is attractive but uses poor grammar? You would undoubtedly agree that it is not particularly appealing.

You need to pay attention to what you are writing and how you are writing it. Making grammatical mistakes may be a turn-off for some people.

When you text someone or read their profile bio, one of the first things you will notice is their grammar. If a person makes many grammatical mistakes or typos, they can appear lazy and uninterested.

Remember, you want to represent the best version of yourself, so pay attention to your grammar and take your time to re-read what you wrote.

19. Past experiences affecting your present mindset

Getting over a bad breakup can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is the same. All people differ, and you need to be aware that dating is not about hurting someone; it is about having fun, so don’t let your previous experiences restrict you from having a good time.

Some people may look alike, but there is no way that you will meet the same person in a different body. If your previous experience with someone guides you, you could block out some potentially good connections.

The future holds fantastic things, and the past is behind you, so why waste time rethinking what happened yesterday when you can have an exciting tomorrow?

We advise you to ditch your previous experiences before trying to connect with someone. Don’t restrict yourself because you might end up in a loop.

20. Not meeting in public for the first time

If your date asks you out and you meet at their home, that is a potential safety hazard. Do not agree to have your first date at someone’s place because you may experience unpleasant situations.

Still, even if you are sure that the person you are talking to isn’t someone whose intention is to make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you shouldn’t agree on a date at their place. Even though you “know” the person you are talking to, that move may show them whether you are naive or not.

Be sure to showcase you are the most important person to yourself. You might not seem very dignified by agreeing to meet up in private for the first time. That might make you look like an easy catch and negatively affect your chances of getting a lifelong partner.

21. Not admitting you are not ready to date

If something is going on in your life that can distract you from expressing yourself and connecting with other people, you are probably not ready to date but won’t admit it. These situations can be anything, from breakups and bad experiences to family issues that require your full attention.

You need to make sure that you are not carrying any additional baggage because you will not be able to focus on dating. If you are not ready to date, you could unintentionally hurt someone or say something you don’t mean.

Try to set your goals or wishes about what your future relationship can be like, and stick to them. If you are still thinking about your ex, now may not be the perfect time to look for someone else. You would only bring negativity and prejudice into your new relationship.

22. Don’t make your first date too formal

You might not want to go on a first date in a fancy restaurant. That would only pressure you and your potential partner, preventing you from feeling relaxed and ready to get the conversation going. You could focus too much on your appearance and formality.

Setting up your first date in a more relaxed and comfortable environment will increase your chances of clicking with someone. You will not be as shy and formal because you won’t have to think about other things, and you can focus on the conversation and the person in front of you.

Our advice is to go to a nearby bar or for a walk because that environment will enable you to feel more at ease, and your potential partner will feel it.

23. Be indecisive

Nobody likes indecisive people. Even if you are trying to appear mysterious, you might overdo it and look like you are uninterested. We recommend showing your potential dates your true intentions and goals instead of looking like you have many options open.

Many people will see your indecisiveness as a con or a red flag. If you do not know what you want, you can appear as someone who doesn’t have their life together and doesn’t have a clear focus. You have to appreciate one’s time and not be the person who only wants to play games with people.

If you don’t feel like continuing the conversation or a relationship with someone, you need to be upfront. If you wait too long, the consequences might get bigger, and you could leave the person hurting. Instead, calmly explain your feelings and decisions and always stay open and honest.

24. Being selfish

Imagine talking to someone, and all they talk about is themselves. The only topic of your conversations is what THEY did and what THEY want. You would probably feel left out.

Selfishness is a mistake many people make unintentionally, but paying attention to the speaker next to you (or on the other side of the screen) and their needs and goals will make you seem more present and interested in the person talking to you.

Our advice is to ask them questions about themselves and try to remember their answers. That way, you will get to know them better and test to see if they are selfish. If they are not asking you the same questions back, you might want to leave or end the conversation because this person has no intention of focusing on you.


Online dating can be a fun, exciting way to meet new people who share your interests, desires, and values. Whether you are looking for a committed partner or a casual acquaintance, a dating app can help you find the perfect match for your needs

However, online dating can sometimes be tricky. With new technologies comes the risk of scams or cyber-attacks, so you need to take the necessary measures to keep your privacy, data security, and safety intact.

This comprehensive guide has introduced many mistakes you can make on dating apps and suggested how to avoid or fix them, and we recommend you follow our expert advice. Doing so will help you open up a whole new world of possibilities and eventually find the perfect match for yourself. Who knows? You might even meet your soulmate online and transform your life completely.

Derek Ma

As a project manager with 10+ years of experience in dating service, I totally understand how dating platforms work. Online dating is convenient but could be challenging with both good and bad, I would like to share my insights with you :)

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