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14 Signs She Also Likes You

Have you ever been in love? Or had a crush that you couldn’t stop thinking about? When such an emotion builds up, we can’t help but look for signs if they love us back or not. 

Usually, it’s easy when you have met the girl. However, if you are dating online, it gets a little harder to judge. 

What if you read the message wrong and make a move that ruins everything? All these questions make you second-guess your gut feelings. 

What if we tell you there is a way around this problem? Here are the signs to look out for.

1. The First Text Will Be Hers

The easiest way to know whether the girl you like likes you back or not is by keeping track of her texting pattern. The most common giveaway is whether they text you first or wait for you to text them daily. 

For someone who likes you, you will get their text 1st thing in the morning every day. It might be a bit slow initially, but it will pick up as you get into a routine of texting each other. Initiating conversations daily is a clear indication that she is interested in you. 

If your girl keeps texting you for no reason, just to ask how you are or what you are up to, this means she is making an effort to remain in touch and get noticed. 

2. Quick Responses To Your Mundane Texts

This one is a no-brainer; the minute you send a text, an instant reply will follow. Why? Because she has been waiting for your text all this while. Why the anxious wait, you ask yourself? Because she is falling for you, that’s pretty obvious by her instant replies. 

Your texts won’t be hanging around waiting for recognition all day if she likes you. Even the most mundane talk about the weather will get an eager reply; you can bet on it. 

You have become her priority; any text from you is essential; this is how you tell a girl likes you from her texting pattern.  

This may not be a universal truth, but there is a huge chance she is into you if you get instant replies almost every time you text her. 

And if ever she is to reply late, she will tell you ahead of time so that you don’t get the impression that she isn’t interested in you. 

3. She Shares Plenty of Her Personal Information With You

If she is into you, she would want you to know about her. Her likes and dislikes, her pet peeves, and what makes her tick. This isn’t the kind of information she shares with everyone around her, so it must be special, right?

With others, she is guarded and reserved; with you, it’s a different story, and this is how you know she likes you more than just bosom buddies. When a girl opens up to you about her family, likes, what she thinks about life, her future and expectations, she wants to become more than just friends. 

4. Frequent updates of Her Life

Time is one thing people run out of daily. In such a busy life, if you keep getting frequent updates about her life and how she has been throughout the day, consider yourself special. 

This is how she includes you in her life, making you a part of her daily routine. Women have their unique ways of developing relationships; this is one of them. She will keep updating you about her day and how things go around her so that you get familiar with how she operates and her surroundings. 

5. You Get Novels instead Of Texts

The long messages you get in reply to your simple question are a clear giveaway that she likes you a little more than you think. Think about it logically; why would she put so much effort into her replies if she had no special feelings for you? It doesn’t make any sense. 

The devotion of time indicates that she has been thinking about you, and now that the conversation has started, she is in no mood to let go of it any time soon. Lengthy texts also point to the fact that she enjoys talking to you. She might also expect you to reply similarly. 

The little details that may not matter even, like what she had for lunch, who she met in the evening and what show she is watching at the moment. These irrelevant details are a huge sign that she is into you. Similarly, if you are getting nothing but one-liners, it’s an indication that she is mad or annoyed with you. 

6. Messages at the Start and End of the Day

If you are her first thought in the morning, you will receive a text. It can be a simple “How are you?” or a cheesy good morning text, but it will be there nonetheless. But that’s not all; you will also be her last thought at night when she sleeps off to watch beautiful dreams of you and her. And who would know that? Well, she will send you a good night text before dozing off too. 

How and when a girl texts you is a huge indication of how she feels about you. These morning and night texts are a clear indication of how much she is thinking about you throughout her day. 

7. You are Her Priority

How much she likes you depends on how much time she has for you. If you are her priority and she is never too busy for you, this is your answer right there; she likes you a lot. Nothing is more annoying than waiting for replies from your crush all day. 

More than annoying, it’s downright agonizing. However, if she likes you, she will not put you through this agony. Even if she is busy, she will ensure she has enough time to let you know she is thinking of you. 

So, if you are getting late and half-hearted replies, you better move on to someone else because this ship has sailed. 

8. The Constant Flirting 

Here’s another undeniable sign, they openly flirt with you via text. Flirty and sexy messages are a sign to get the same response back. She wants you to get comfortable with the idea of her intimate talks or jokes. 

The clear hints about making out on the first date or going 1st or 2nd base when you meet is an evident sign of her liking you enough to get close like this. The primal desires have nothing to do with how you look; it’s more about your personality and how attracted you are to the one you like. The flirty messages come as a reaction to these primal desires. 

9. Her Texts are Full Of Emojis

Just like lengthy texting, text full of emojis is also a big indication that the girl likes you. Adding ample emojis means she is adding effort to the message to make it seem more interesting. Your inbox will be full of Flirting emojis if she has a crush on you. 

Most girls use the kissy-face emoji at the end of every text to send a flirty hint your way. Emojis are ways of showing the next person how you feel without using many words. They are also a way to show how interested you are in that said person. And when a girl likes you, she will use plenty of these flirty and happy emojis to convey her sentiments.

10. The Never-Ending Compliments

It’s a fact that girls get way more compliments than guys. However, girls often show their love, care and interest by complimenting you more than usual. I mean, once and twice we get, but everyday praise is just a lot to digest. 

Another big reason for complimenting over text instead of in person is that it’s easier. It doesn’t get awkward for both the giving party as well as the receiving party. The vocal admiration doesn’t stop when she is into you. From how you looked the last time you met to how she loves your way of caring for her to your smart comments on social media. You bet she will be the first one to like your picture if you were to post it on social media. 

11. The Teasing Contest

The back-and-forth teasing between a girl and boy over text is also a sign of more than just friendship. If she loves to tease you back, she is falling for your charm. Teasing is how guys make the conversation light, fun and interesting. However, it’s more or less the same with girls. Whether you get it or not, her teasing is mainly to get your reaction and keep you interested in the conversation. 

Be sure to tease her back; the sexual energy will then make things even more apparent between the two of you. Men love playful women, they adore one who can take a joke, and if she can joke back, she is a keeper for sure. However, make sure you read into the humour; it will be flirty and sexy but never unkind or rude. 

12. Effortless Conversation

Effortless conversation is also a palpable sign of chemistry between two people. The rapport that she helped build is a big sign she is interested in you and would like to take things forward. 

Girls are known to make more effort while conversing with guys when looking for serious relationships. A guy may like the girl the same, but the effort would be more from her side. So, when you see a girl making an extra effort to keep the conversation effortless and fun, know that you have hit the jackpot. 

The effort to keep the conversation going is more because she doesn’t want the conversation to reach a dead end or the awkward silence phase. If the feelings are mutual, you’d be doing the same, this will make the conversation seamless, and this is what you are looking for. 

13. The Give and Take of Personal Questions

Similar to teasing, the back and forth of personal questions also indicates that she likes you a little more than you suspect. Girls are guarded; they don’t give out personal information to just about anyone. So, if you are being honoured, it’s solely because she is interested in you. 

If lately, her conversations are full of “getting to know you” questions, and if she is also answering these same questions without you asking, she likes you and wants you to know her better. 

These questions won’t be anything like your ordinary ones, but deep like choosing one, money or happiness, or who knows you best among your friends and family, kind. 

Similarly, while she asks more about you, she will reveal equal or more about herself. This is her way of telling you that she trusts you and is also comfortable with telling you her deep secrets and desires. However, this can go either way, it may not mean romantic, but it’s certainly getting there. 

14. She Sends Her Pictures Without You Asking For Them

Girls get 100s of direct messages about nudes and whatnot, but if she chooses you to send a picture of herself without asking, it clearly says she likes you. Because sending selfies is a huge sign of trust and affection. 

She wants you to see what you will soon be getting. She is confident in her skin and looks, and she isn’t shy about showing them to you. These pictures are to impress you before you meet. There is no way a girl would ever send you her picture if she doesn’t like you; it doesn’t work that way. 


Interpreting messages isn’t difficult when you know what you are looking for. So, keep these signs on top of your head when you talk to a girl you like and want to gauge whether she also likes you or not.

Derek Ma

As a project manager with 10+ years of experience in dating service, I totally understand how dating platforms work. Online dating is convenient but could be challenging with both good and bad, I would like to share my insights with you :)

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