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23 Bad Behaviors You Should Avoid On Dating Apps

Dating app horror stories are pretty standard nowadays. Using a dating app to find the love of your life or even your soulmate is not uncommon, and thanks to Covid-19, it has become extremely popular. However, the more it trends, the worse it gets.

Bad behavior on dating apps is expected as there are too many fishes in the online dating ocean to care about the one you lose in the process. 

Earlier, the dating pool used to be small or limited, but there are thousands of potential matches to choose from ever since dating apps have become popular. This makes people bolder and braver to dump others faster.

Did you know there were three billion swipes during march 2020 in a day on Tinder? And that was just the start; this record has been broken multiple times during the course of this pandemic. 

With dating apps being used so much, there has been a spike in bad behavior on dating apps, but what comes under lousy behavior? Read along to know if you have been a bad boy/girl on dating apps.

1. Using The Pandemic as Your Opener

We have been stuck with the pandemic situation for two years now, and the way it’s going, there is still time till we fully recover from it and move past it. So, quit using the pandemic as your opener. 

No one needs a reminder that the thing is still among us. There are better things to talk about in this world, so leave the pandemic alone.

If you have been matched with the one you are chatting with, there must be a common interest you can explore, use that as your opener; this should get the chat going successfully. 

2. Leaving the “About Me” Section Empty

It’s annoying to check someone’s bio and find it empty. Why would you do that? What’s the point? If you took the time to set up a dating app profile, why leave the bio empty?

Are you that much of an enigma, or are you just trying to look cool? Well, it comes off as lazy, more than anything. 

Moreover, how do you expect to get a match with someone on the same wavelength as you if you don’t fill the About Me section?

The app is made to match you with like-minded people, and it does that according to your likes, dislikes, and your bio.

We understand that It’s irksome to summarize who you are in 150 words but to get the perfect much; it’s very much needed. 

3. Long Bio

If an empty about me section is bad, then the long bios are worse. No one wants to read a novel about you. Keep these gems hidden till you get a match and start chatting.

Long bios are also a trait of egocentric and highly vain people; you don’t want to come off as a narcissist, do you? 

4. Voice Prompts

Hinge released voice prompts, and they were supposed to be a cool thing, but men will be men; they had to ruin it.

Men should know better than to record in appropriate messages. Know that, using voice prompts to record sleazy, and flirty messages with a deep or whispering voice will get you nowhere. 

5. Making fun of the Pandemic Boundaries

To each his own, is a famous saying that everyone should take seriously. The endemic wasn’t a joke, and nor is your thinking that you shouldn’t take precautions when going out in public.

If someone chooses to have pandemic boundaries, they are smart, so let them be. It’s highly offensive to make fun of what people do, or don’t do. It’s not up to us to decide how people live. If they want to play safe, why should it bother anyone?

Nowadays, it’s common for a dating app to let the profiles choose their Covid-19 precaution preferences; this has irked a lot of users. Many have been trying to violate CDC guidelines to make matches meet in person. 

A lot of people have been trying to make other people leave their COVID comfort zones just to get a date. Virtual dates have become a trending thing, and this doesn’t sit right with a lot of users.

Hence many have been trying to make fun of others Covid boundaries. FYI, this isn’t going to earn you a date; it will only get you blocked. One should always respect other people’s boundaries and choices. 

6. Pretending the Dating App isn’t Your Thing

Then comes those who are always on their high horse and who love to pretend that they are “just trying the app out of curiosity.” Yeah, you aren’t fooling anyone.

Most of this curiosity group are embarrassed to be on a dating app to find a match; when they do hit off with a match, they want it to be a secret. 

Bios like “change my mind about Dating Apps” or “there are better ways to find a match” serve no purpose.

No one begged you to be on the app; if you don’t like it, just delete your profile and find your match at a bar like the old-school guy or girl you are. 

7. Few Single Shots

If you are on a dating platform, please upload more than just three single pictures. No one likes a guessing game. This is a dating app, not your Facebook or Insta profile where you keep uploading group pictures, where one has to use a microscope to find you.

Profiles with aesthetic single shots get noticed more often than one full of group pictures; keep that in mind the next time you are uploading a picture on your dating profile.

8. Weird Selfies

It’s the universal truth that men can’t take decent selfies; it’s not your thing; accept it. The sooner you get the facts and stop trying, the better it will be for your dating app profile.

In addition to it being hilarious, it also conveys that you don’t have any friends or you don’t hang out at hip places; this makes you seem dull.

But that doesn’t mean you should start posting group pictures; a couple of selfies mixed with a couple of pictures with your close mates should suffice.

9. Pet Pictures

We know you love your dog; there is no need to prove it on a dating app. Keep your pet pictures on your Instagram account. The dating app profile should be more about you than your dog or cat. 

Having pet pictures is one thing; proclaiming your dying love for your dog is other; both of these are a big NO.

We all love dogs, but what we don’t love is how you won’t shut up about yours. We get it; your dog is your life, but you might not get a match at all if you keep saying that. 

10. Long List of Qualities Seeking in Your Match

Another popular trait of a narcissist or an egocentric person is the fact that they think they have it all. Hence they have a long list of qualities they want in their match.

Having specific requirements isn’t really a good thing; it makes you come off as a close-minded person. 

Be open to new people and unique personalities; you never know; you might fall in love with someone you never thought you would match with. 

11. One-liners as your First Move

If you took the time out to make a profile and spend time on a dating app, this means you are here to find a match. Then why would you ruin your chances by using corny one-liners? These get you nowhere; they take you out of the game.

If you’d try this in a physical environment, like in a bar, you would end up with the drink poured on your head. 

Using one-liners like “have you seen Big Breasted Bed Thrasher around here because I love unique birds” isn’t an excellent way to start a conversation.

Just because you are behind a screen doesn’t mean you can say just about anything. Think about saying the same line in person; if that makes you cringe, don’t use that line at all. 

12. Topless Pictures (Men)

What’s worse than men taking selfies? It’s men taking nudes. Did you know it’s a common pet peeve of women to see a man topless?

Well, now you know, so stop doing it. We all know working in a gym and getting those toned muscles is hard.

But no one wants to see your abs; women are more interested in your personality, so put that out there instead of your abs. 

13. Half-Hearted Conversation Starters

Using the app’s conversation starters or “Hey” as your introduction isn’t earning you any points. It makes you come off as a person who isn’t really interested in finding a match.

This is a person you are talking to, not a robot, who has the decency to use more words than just hey. 

14. Sleazy Talk

Sexual messages are a big no, and it should be obvious why. However, it’s still an ongoing practice. Many women and even some men have no choice but to block such users, but it’s like a never-ending thing. 

If you use the dating app just as a hookup place or have a one-night stand, it is still a big no to send sexual or sleazy messages.

If you want the conversation to bloom and the match to stay interested in you, avoid sexting at all costs. 

15. Lying

Lying has become a common practice on dating apps. Almost all users lie about one thing or another.

Whether it’s their age, their personality traits, their status, or their business, there is always something they aren’t truthful about.

Things have a way of coming out; if you are trying to find a soul mate on these dating apps, it’s best if you stay honest about who you are.

Because they do find out in the end, that may not end well for you if you find the right person but lose them due to your lying. 

Moreover, people also lie about being single. The fact that you are behind a shield, i.e., a computer screen, makes you braver than you are.

This leads people to two times chatting up people while in a committed relationship. According to US data, more than 30% of people on Tinder are living dual lives.

Tinder is a dating app for singles, but you are bound to find married or people in a relationship more often than singles. 

Many would tell you that they know two or more of their associates to be on Tinder while having a wife or a girlfriend.

Not only that but under 10% have had sexual relationships via Tinder while in a relationship. All this is because the users are hiding behind the screen.

16. Abusive Language

Tinder or any other dating app isn’t a place to show aggression; if you don’t like someone or their ideas don’t sit right with you, simply leave. Block the user and don’t look back rather than abuse or bully. 

Many users tend to abuse others for replying late even though not everyone lives with their faces stuck to the phone’s screen.

People have lives out of their phones. Learn to give others space; that’s basic manners. 

If someone isn’t showing interest in you, that doesn’t give you the right to abuse them. Maybe you aren’t their type; there is nothing to get offended by that. 

17. Being Too Judgy

Tinder has been around for a decade now; it’s high time we start accepting and embracing the online dating culture. There is nothing to be embarrassed about finding your match on an online site.

People have been seen to judge others on being on sites like Tinder or Hinge; even after their extreme popularity, dating apps are still seen as taboo in many countries.

Being on the app and still judging people for looking for love on dating apps makes you a hypocrite. 

18. Flooding the Inbox/Chat Section

Not everyone is as free as you are or be on the app simultaneously as you are. People have work, jobs, and life, they aren’t on the app 24/7.

So, wait patiently while others reply, and not flood their inbox with useless messages.

The only thing you will get in return for your impatient messaging is getting blocked. 

19. Carrying the Past to your Present

Take the dating app as an opportunity to start a new chapter of your life. No one wants to hear how you have been hurt as your conversation opener in the past.

People come to dating apps to find a soulmate, not to be someone’s rebound. If you aren’t over your past, it’s best to stay away from the online dating world. 

20. Blurring out the Face

Most women have been seen to blur or hide their faces on their profiles. There are many reasons to do that, but the most common cause is insecurity.

Know that when you show on;y your body, you are permitting the men out here to see you as a body and not as a person. Show your beautiful face and get the right type of attention.

You deserve nothing but respect. 

Most people Swipe left to profiles that have blurred or badly-lit pictures. People like to be able to see who they are talking to, and they can’t till you show them who you are through proper pictures. 

21. Not Being Able To Take A Joke

Guys like fun girls; they don’t come to dating apps to talk politics unless they say that on their bio; quit being too serious.

No matter what’s going on in your life or how badly hurt you got in your last relationship, you need to be able to show your fun side. 

Stay away from serious issues, and keep the topics light. Your tinder match isn’t your shrink, so don’t treat him like one.

No one wants to know why you are on the dating app and your current life problems. You are here; that’s all that matters. 

22. Don’t Get Upset at Being Ghosted

If you have been on a dating app for a long time you must know what “Ghosted” is. I am sure you may have ghosted someone too, or someone has ghosted you.

There is nothing to be upset about being ghosted. It’s pretty common for people to lose interest in a match after two or three chats.

There are too many fish in the ocean to care about just one. Maybe your match found a better match; let it go and find yourself another match.

Being ghosted is not a big deal; it’s rude, yes, but it’s pretty standard nowadays. Accept that you have been ghosted and move on. 

23. Cyber-flashing

Many dating apps let you find matches anonymously. But that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.

Anonymity has encouraged “cyber-flashing,” where sexually explicit content is sent using dating apps to people who have never consented to receive it.

Dating apps like Grindr, Badoo, and Bumble have been named among the top apps for such activities. 

With countless dating apps and millions of users, you can’t do much about the bad behaviors you see online.

But there is one weapon you have in case you find yourself chatting to someone who can’t behave, the block button; use it well.

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