32 Flirt Questions to Ask A Guy

Do you know what excites a guy the most? A girl’s bold and interesting nature. But how to show a guy that you are all he dreams about? Well, how about some harmless flirting?

If you are a noob at flirting, ask these questions to engage the guy you like in a healthy and fun conversation. All the quirky questions below will get the flirty conversation going, helping you arouse the guy’s interest.

1. What’s Your Idea Of The Perfect Date

It may be the oldest question in the book, but it works. You can get the conversation going with this question. Apart from being an icebreaker, this perfect date question also hints that you are interested in going out with him.

You can also give the guy option, like a picnic, a 5-star restaurant date, or a cozy movie date.

You can also judge the nature of the guy from his answer. Also, prepare your answer; he might ask you what you would like to do on a 1st date.

2. What Made You Notice Me?

Now, this one may seem like you are looking for compliments, but it’s one way of helping the guys flirt with you. Guys love telling a girl what made them stand out, he will tell you anyway without you asking, but when you initiate the conversation, this is a good one to ask.

Moreover, you can also tell him why you showed interest in him among all the other guys. A healthy flirtation can go a long way if you are looking for a hookup.

3. Which Body Part of You He Likes The Most?

Get ready for the boldest answer for this one. He can pick any part and go on about it. So, ask only when you are ready to hear the answer. He can be a gentleman and talk about your face or eyes, or he can go lower and explain how your curves have set his soul on fire.

4. Do You Like Women Who Make The First Move?

When flirting, you can ask many questions to help you get to know the guy more. Do you like it when women make the first move? This is an excellent question to ask. This will tell you

what kind of a woman he likes, a bold one or one who follows a man’s lead. Either way, you will know whether to make the first move or not after this question.

5. What Do You Look For In Your Future Partner?

An icebreaker, if ever! Ask any girl or guy what they are looking for in their future partner, and they have a long list of traits they are looking for. Everyone has given this a great deal of thought, so ask your crush what he is looking for in his future girlfriend, and he will start without any breaks. This is a good question; it will help you gauge whether your guys will work together or not.

6. Let’s talk about Star Signs

You can ask a guy his star sign; this is an awesome flirty question because you can tell him how compatible and sparking the two of you can get as per your star signs. Amp up the sexual chemistry by telling him how romantic your star sign can be with his star sign.

7. Still Single? How come?

Ask the guy why he is still single. Being so handsome and having such a great personality, why doesn’t he have a girlfriend yet? Shouldn’t girls be dying to date such a handsome guy? These are some of the many flirty questions you can ask him to know why he doesn’t have a girlfriend with him or to see whether he is single.

8. What’s The One Thing About Girls That Make You Go Weak In The Knees?

Now this one’s a keeper; this question allows the guy to tell you what he likes about you without offending you because you asked him. This question also allows the guy to flirt openly with you because you initiated it. This is a pretty safe game to play for a healthy and harmless flirtation.

9. Ask Him to Describe You In Three Words

Describe me in three words. What did you first notice about me? How would you describe me if you only saw me once? These are some questions you can ask the guy you just met as an icebreaker or as a way of flirting.

These are both fun and deep questions that allow you to judge how the guy looked at you and what things he noticed first. This will help you gauge how shallow or respectful he is. Play along and tell him what you noticed in him too.

10. If Were To Date, How Would That Go?

This is the wittiest question to ask whether it’s a possibility. Straight up, ask him out but hypothetically, so even if he says no, there are no hard feelings. You can pass it as a joke. However, since you both are actively flirty, the answer will be a positive one.

11. You Biggest Turn On?

This question will help you entice your partner and also will help him get the hint that you are flirting with him with this question. You can also tell him your biggest turn-on.

12. What Non-physical Qualities Does He Like in Women

Men like everything physical about their woman, but ask them what they like about their nature or anything non-physical, and they will be stumped. So, this question will catch him off guard; you can tell him what non-physical qualities you like in men.

13. Inquire About Strip Clubs, Nude Beaches, or Massage Salons

This question will get the heat up. Asking about massage parlors, strip clubs, and nude beaches is one of letting the guy know you are open to all possibilities. It will also grab his attention; men don’t expect women to ask such bold questions in the first meeting.

14. Do you like to Dominate or be Submissive?

Ah, bedroom talk, nothing like a good sexual question to arouse your guy’s interest in you. Asking whether he likes to dominate or be submissive is a sure way to get the sexual tension up.

15. Love At First Sight, What Are Your Thoughts?

Give him a chance to flirt back with this question. If he says no, tell him you can walk by multiple times to make him fall in love with you.

16. Aggression or Softness, What Do You Choose For Your Partner?

Flirting tends to lead to a lot of sexual or intimate questions; this is one of them. To ask whether he likes his women as aggressive is one way of judging his actions in bed.

17. Things that Make You Comfortable/Uncomfortable in A Women

If you are keeping up the questions, you can later ask what makes him Comfortable/Uncomfortable. Many men may not answer this easily, so make sure you have played the question game for a bit before getting to this question.

18. Ask about secret fantasies or kinks.

Everyone has a secret fantasy; some readily share, while others are shy. But men are hardly ever shy, so you can easily ask this question. However, you need to be ready as well; you can get any type of answer. There are hundreds of kinks and thousands of fantasies a man can have; his answer might surprise you.

19. Ask Him About His First Kiss

This he might not remember; for a girl, the first kiss is always special; for a guy, you never know. He is a keeper if he is emotional enough to remember his first kiss. It means he paid attention and thought it was special to remember it till now.

20. Do You Have Dirty Dreams?

When flirting, any question goes. You can even ask the guy about his dirty dreams. Imagine the kind of answers you will get for this one.

21. Talk About Best/Worst Pick-up Lines

Here’s another one, instead of trying a bad pickup line on the guy, why not compare notes about pickup lines? I am sure he has many under his belt, and you can make him laugh with your stick of pickup lines.

22. What’s Your Type

The easiest way to know whether you are his type is with this simple question. He is flirting back if he describes you as his type. It’s your lucky day!

23. Has He Ever Tired Casual Dating or been FWB (Friends With Benefits) with any of His Friends

Dating trends have changed so much in the past decade. There are so many new terms like No Strings Attached, Friends with Benefits, and Casual dating that it’s hard to keep up. So, this is a perfect question to ask a guy who you are interested in.

If he likes being FWB, maybe you can try that or give casual dating a go. Dating is all about experimenting and exploring; perhaps this is what you need before you find your one true love.

24. Do You Enjoy Warm Cuddles

Cuddling is a feminine thing; men aren’t too bothered about cuddling. But when they are flirting with you, they will say yes to all kinds of physical actions that involve being close to a girl.

25. Naughty or Nice How Do You Like Your Woman?

Foreplay, kinks, fantasies, naughty or nice; all these suggest great sexual tension and good chemistry. So, if you feel you are hitting it off with this guy, you can certainly turn towards bolder questions.

26. Sexiest Movie He has Ever Watched

Hinting that you like him isn’t very hard if you are creative with your questions. Ask him about the last sexy movie he has seen or his favorite sexiest movie ever. Watch how his eyes shine at this question.

27. What Puts You In The Mood?

We all know what mood we are talking about, so ask the guy this and get the naughtiest answer ever. This will surely get you both laughing.

28. Have You Ever Made Out in Your Car or At a Public Place?

Here’s another quirky question, talk about making out. What is the most embarrassing memory related to making out? Has he ever made out in a car, mall, airplane, or public place? You can also tell him about your experiences if you aren’t shy.

29. Do You Like Gossip?

Men aren’t keen on gossip as much as women are, but you do get exceptions. So, ask him if he is interested in listening to your gossip about your mutual friends.

30. How Does He Feel About PDA (Public Display of Affection)?

PDA has been a trending topic; many aren’t on public display of affection. A peck here or there is okay, but a full-blown kiss that leads to more isn’t something people want to see daily.

So, if you are into PDA, ask the guy if he thinks the same as you. If not, why? What is the reason behind shying away from PDA?

31. Will You Ask Me Out?

This is how you allow a shy guy to ask you out confidently without making any effort. If you know, the guy likes you, but he is too shy to make a move; make things easy for him.

Offer him a date served on a silver platter but make it like it was his move more than yours. It’s a win-win for both.

32. Discuss Dirty Jokes

Flirt comes in all shapes and sizes. If all fails, you can compare notes on who knows the dirtiest joke. You can take turns to tell, and let’s see who makes who laugh the most. The winner gets to take the other on a date; this is the smartest way to nag a date.


By asking flirty questions, you are giving clear signals to the guy that you like him. These questions are designed to increase the sexual tension bit by bit. So, enjoy them as much as you can, and hopefully, at the end of the night, you will have a date secured for the weekend.

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